Progress, Year 5

It’s now been five years since I started lifting weights. I recorded my one year progress numbers, and this seems like a good time to write down where I am now:   Aug 08 Aug 09 Aug 13 DB bench…
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Shouldering the Load

My shoulders are killing me. There, I’ve admitted it. Shoulder injuries are the bane of manual wheelchair users. Two-thirds of wheelchair users report suffering shoulder pain. According to Gellman H, Sie I, Waters RL. Late complications of the weight-bearing upper…
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Beware the Inspiration Juggernaut

(Total aside: I love the word “juggernaut“, defined as “a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution”. I also love the fact that it’s used in Britain to refer to a very large truck. I’m very fond of the word…
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Wheelchair Racing and the Fear of Falling

Here we are at the beginning of the racing season. The weather has warmed up, and it’s time to hit the road and get some training in. I’ve been hunting for an event or two to do before the Bolder…
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Looking Forward to Spring

Nothing like the end of a bleak, cold, windy February to make a person’s thoughts turn to the upcoming racing season. Between the walking (hard work, I tell you, hard work), surgery in late December, and the weather, I’m way…
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Disabled? Want Sports Equipment?

Challenged Athletes Foundation is now accepting grant applications. If you’re disabled and want to get into sports, check out what CAF funded last year, and apply for a grant. Grant applications are due on December 1st.

Parachutists coming into the stadium

2011 Bolder Boulder

Another Memorial Day, which means another Bolder Boulder. The Bolder Boulder 10K isn’t just a race; it’s practically in its own time zone. It’s the third largest 10K in the US, with approximately 50,000 runners. It’s also one of the…
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Sponsor a Duck for EXPAND

Friends, I don’t usually use this space for proselytizing or fundraising, but please consider sponsoring a duck (or several ducks! They’re small! And cute!) to raise money for Boulder EXPAND. EXPAND’s wonderful programs provide recreational and athletic opportunities for people…
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Wheelchair Track & Field: High School

Via The 19th Floor, an article about wheelchair track and field at Minnesota high schools: Braun, a junior at Irondale, is one of six athletes statewide competing in the first track and field wheelchair division ever. He joins fellow pioneers…
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91-year-old bodybuilder

From the Guardian, via Krista at Stumptous: I am a 91-year-old bodybuilder: I stopped thinking about dying. As I approached 90, my focus was on getting my body back. In 2008, I signed up for my first championship.