Accessibility is Not Inclusion

Check out Scott Rains’ article in New Mobility – the first sentence will reel you in: What if the first question we asked was, “What is so unique about this situation that it justifies exclusion?” instead of, “How much does…
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Creative Thinking

After reading about a condominium association that refuses to allow a wheelchair user to walk her dog in and out the front door (residents are required to use an alternate route that includes a stairwell), and a school that has…
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Advocacy or Appeasement?

Let’s say there were federal laws about, I don’t know, food safety. And let’s say that instead of having restaurant inspectors, the federal government decided that the best way to enforce the laws about food safety would be to allow…
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Street Corner

On the Street

For years, while waiting to cross a street, I avoided blocking the top of the curbcut because, I don’t know, someone might need it. I now know that ambulatory people abhor a vacuum, and if I don’t position myself squarely…
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Starve a Vampire. Donate Blood.

(Just kidding, we don’t mean you.) My place of work seems to have an awful lot of blood drives. Where I hail from, you go to the Red Cross (which is capitalizing on the current vampire craze with the cute…
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