No E-bikes!

A participant’s comment, seen at the city’s Open Space Master Plan community workshop: No E-bikes! Let them ride regular bikes like the rest of us. Open Space only for the fit and ambulatory, then?


Nicolas Steenhout (Part of a Whole) writes about the importance of transcripts for audio or video web content. I recently experienced the power of transcripts (or in this case, live captioning) when I attended The Strange Loop conference in St….
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The elevator at our rec center, where I lift weights, has been out of order for the past week. Of course the weights are upstairs. Last week I contemplated the problem for a few minutes (assisted by a sign that…
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Boettcher Concert Hall Seating Chart

Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver: Wheelchair Seating

Wednesday evening we went to Denver’s Boettcher Concert Hall for the first time. This is a theater in the round, the home of the Colorado Symphony. Here’s what the Denver Performing Arts Complex website says about Boettcher: Boettcher Concert Hall…
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Drive-Through News

As a wheelchair user, I’m a total sucker for drive-through anything. Drive-through banking, drive-through fast food, drive-through coffee, drive-through library book drop, drive-through liquor store—anything that enables me to get an errand done without getting me, myself and my wheelchair…
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Revised ADA Regulations

In the first major update on accessibility in 20 years, the Revised Regulations for implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) took effect on March 15, 2011. Learn more about the revised regulations: NCPAD Media dis&dat Employment Law Watch