Ikea, Disability, and 3D Printers

Oh, I like this! Ikea is making furniture better for people with disabilities — with the help of 3D printers The team reviewed Ikea’s inventory and pinpointed more than 130 pieces of furniture and household items that are already suited…
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No E-bikes!

A participant’s comment, seen at the city’s Open Space Master Plan community workshop: No E-bikes! Let them ride regular bikes like the rest of us. Open Space only for the fit and ambulatory, then?


Nicolas Steenhout (Part of a Whole) writes about the importance of transcripts for audio or video web content. I recently experienced the power of transcripts (or in this case, live captioning) when I attended The Strange Loop conference in St….
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The elevator at our rec center, where I lift weights, has been out of order for the past week. Of course the weights are upstairs. Last week I contemplated the problem for a few minutes (assisted by a sign that…
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Boettcher Concert Hall Seating Chart

Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver: Wheelchair Seating

Wednesday evening we went to Denver’s Boettcher Concert Hall for the first time. This is a theater in the round, the home of the Colorado Symphony. Here’s what the Denver Performing Arts Complex website says about Boettcher: Boettcher Concert Hall…
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Drive-Through News

As a wheelchair user, I’m a total sucker for drive-through anything. Drive-through banking, drive-through fast food, drive-through coffee, drive-through library book drop, drive-through liquor store—anything that enables me to get an errand done without getting me, myself and my wheelchair…
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