This is cryptic to protect the guilty (not that the guilty in question would ever read this). Sometimes you try to contribute to an organization, and it’s like nobody even notices. I told my daughter I felt like I was…
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Free the browser!

For those of you who didn’t notice this earth-shaking event, Opera is now free. Even though my kids are now using Firefox, I am still stubbornly stuck to Opera as my favorite. So go try it.

Feed Me!

I’ve finally hopped on the aggregator bandwagon, and have subscribed to all the blogs I usually read (except the ones that don’t seem to have feeds :-(, see the little null signs in the sidebar). I suspect I’m losing track…
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This is pretty cool. Via Misbehaving, a gender swapper for websites. Put in a website address, and you get the site with “him” and “her” switched. Makes for some interesting reading.

Disaster or Opportunity?

My hard drive at work died while I was on travel, and the backups I’ve been doing so meticulously don’t seem to exist any more. Losing your hard drive is either a disaster or an opportunity. On the one hand,…
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It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. My software project just finished FQT. It was scheduled to last 5 days. We’ve been doing dry runs of test procedures for the past 4 months. We had one last minute bug…
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