Site Redesign

I realized a couple months ago that I was consistently increasing the font size on my own site, and that I couldn’t read the light grey text in the sidebars comfortably, so I’ve done a little re-work. The WordPress template…
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How about auto-moderate?

The barrage of uncaught spam comments appears to have stopped. S commented on the previous entry that she wouldn’t want to shut off any attempt to strike up a conversation, so I went hunting for something less draconian. I’m giving…
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Auto-close comments

Here’s a WordPress plugin that closes comments on all posts older than 21 days: Auto-Close Comments. It runs a query and update against the database when any one of the following occur: A post is published (but not saved as…
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Comment Moderation

Due to a sudden influx of spam not being caught by Akismet, I’ve (temporarily, I hope) enabled moderation for all comments. As always, I’m pleased when anyone (who isn’t selling penis enlargement) cares to comment.

Getting a website under control

I spent the day getting RMVR under control. Specifically, under version control. Since I first took responsibility for the site, I’ve been using CVS for some subdirectories, primarily all the club forms/documents, and the club’s constitution, rules, and exceptions to…
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Is Opera on the way out?

I really love the Opera browser, and would hate to give it up. But stuff is starting to not work – Airset’s CSS doesn’t render properly, and hides vast quantities of information. Fastmail has redesigned some of its pages, and…
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