Find Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It’s not a Beauty Pageant

I’ve just put up the all redesigned Ms. Wheelchair America website. If anybody sees any problems with it, please let me know. It is now hot. In June we had no 90 degree days, some sort of record. It was…
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Cables and MT

Last weekend I moved everything around, disconnected and connected everything, and tied it all up real pretty-like. This week, lo and behold, my wireless connection, previously steady as a rock, drops every 30 seconds or so. Little lights continue to…
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Home Office Woes

The computers-in-the-family-room situation is driving me nuts. We currently have one desktop computer, one printer and one laptop sharing a six foot table with the networking gear (hub, dsl modem, wireless access point) and miscellaneous other computer junk (palm pilot…
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Website Criticism Quandary

I need advice. An organization creates a website, using some sort of goofy software. It looks fine to the (non-technical) person who created it. When I look at it, the text and headings are all superimposed on one another, making…
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Creepy Computer

Twenty Questions: The neural-net on the Internet. What a creepy-good time waster!