Home Office Woes

The computers-in-the-family-room situation is driving me nuts. We currently have one desktop computer, one printer and one laptop sharing a six foot table with the networking gear (hub, dsl modem, wireless access point) and miscellaneous other computer junk (palm pilot…
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Website Criticism Quandary

I need advice. An organization creates a website, using some sort of goofy software. It looks fine to the (non-technical) person who created it. When I look at it, the text and headings are all superimposed on one another, making…
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Creepy Computer

Twenty Questions: The neural-net on the Internet. What a creepy-good time waster!

Cranky about website usability

I’ve just had my semi-annual argument with the author of Colorado Swimming’s website. I primarily use Opera and Netscape on Solaris, and Opera on Windows, and this website is barely useable even with Internet Explorer. I’ve got two separate issues…
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