Fun with CSS

I spent some time today cleaning up one of my websites – every page has a different color scheme, and every page had a graphic title. I dreaded making new pages because I couldn’t always match the graphic. So I…
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More on comment spam

Using google against us Blacklisting comment spam New style comments spam Comment spam

Spam in comments

I got spammed in my comments, by someone from IP (CHINANET Tianjin province network, administrative contact Dongmei Kou). I’m not quite sure what to do about it – I’ve banned the IP, but that’s not going to help. It…
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Keeping track of comments

How do you keep track of comments you’ve posted to other people’s blogs? I’ll comment on something, forget to check back for a couple of days, then find out that there was actually a discussion going on I would have…
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So Addicted

My email is down. Man, I’m so addicted, it’s pitiful. Actually, I’m really pleased with my email provider. They did go down during the East Coast power outage, but gave everyone a free month’s service to compensate. Now they’re down…
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And the Living is Easy

Still working on the wireless problem – I’ve moved everything pretty much back to where it was and upgraded the firmware on the wireless access point, and now I’m worse off than before – the computer has trouble even finding…
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