Odds and Ends

Email Meisterin!

I am feeling like the email Meisterin! One of my domains has a lot of email aliases. Naturally, they attract a lot of spam. I was kind of lackadaisical about it because my email provider has such terrific spam filtering…
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New Toy

I’m playing with my new toy, the Stowaway Wireless IR Keyboard from ThinkOutside. I’m using it with a Palm TX. It’s bigger than the Palm itself, about 4 x 6 x 1 inches in its cute little zippered case. To…
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Blog links?

Have the blog links in the sidebar (under my outlived their usefulness? I originally put links there so that I would have a handy list of the blogs I like to read. Now I use an RSS reader. Would…
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Still trying to grok

I’ve managed to figure out that I can subscribe to my bookmarks as an RSS feed. What I can’t figure out is whether I can use this to do my daily blog reading. Let’s say I’ve got a bunch…
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Men’s choirs

Gotta love guys who sing. I went to hear Cantus Saturday night at Macky. Nine guys, 5 tenors, 2 baritones, 2 basses. They have a beautiful blend, create an easy-going rapport with the audience, and perform an incredibly diverse range…
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WordPress 2.0 permalink pain

I’ve been struggling with permalinks in WordPress 2.0 (on another site) ALL DAY. I’m irritated. I’m clearly not the only one.