Odds and Ends

Wrap Rage

So obvious, once it’s pointed out: Wrap Rage. I bought an electric toothbrush the other day; spent at least 15 minutes trying to get it out of its packaging and my hands hurt for the rest of the day.

Spiffing the place up a little

It was time to update the place a little. My webhost, DreamHost, provides a spiffy install/upgrade utility for WordPress, but it’s no good if you installed WordPress yourself back in the Dark Ages. I had been upgrading manually, but was…
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WordPress category trick

I use WordPress to manage several non-blog sites, and I tend to make heavy use of categories in order to organize posts properly. If it’s important that every post have a category, it’s helpful to rename the default category something…
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The writing badness that is Dan Brown

My children gave me Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons for Mother’s Day, by way of a gag gift. They also gave me a red pen to mark it up with. I couldn’t possibly do any better than Language Log, though:…
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By Request

There are a couple of things in the request queue: Derrick Parkhurst of Iowa State University is looking to publicize his IPRIZE initiative “to create better tools for disabled users to interact with computers. In particular eye movements have been…
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It’s a bad world out there

I read somewhere that an unprotected Windows machine on the internet takes about 20 minutes to get infected. Last week my hard drive died. I got a new hard drive and ran IBM’s Rescue and Recovery on it, which basically…
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