Odds and Ends

You Know…

You know you live in a weird weather state when it’s sunny, in the 70s (F), and the girls in sundresses are walking past the 12 foot piles of dirty snow left from last week’s blizzard.

Lady Day

March 25th: the Feast of the Annunciation, or Lady Day. Also called Waffle Day in Sweden (kind of like Shrove Tuesday is called Pancake Day, it must be the butter).

Too much news

How much war news is too much? How many hours can be filled saying the same thing over and over again? All of them, apparently. I like listening to Morning Edition and All Things Considered while driving to and from…
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Wildlife, urban Colorado style

This morning on the way to work I saw a coyote, digging in the snow, probably for prairie dogs. I’ve seen them before, usually just standing by the side of the road or running away – this one was very…
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Billy Jack

They’re going to do a remake of Billy Jack, with Keanu Reeves. Couldn’t happen to a more wooden actor. What was it with that movie? I remember it being a big cult thing but 30 years has definitely dimmed my…
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How many is one?

Article in the local paper this morning about the increase in non-English speaking population of our town. The police chief was quoted as saying “We don’t need the census to tell us that the monolingual population is increasing.” Well, honey,…
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