Odds and Ends

Website Criticism Quandary

I need advice. An organization creates a website, using some sort of goofy software. It looks fine to the (non-technical) person who created it. When I look at it, the text and headings are all superimposed on one another, making…
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Don’t Read My Weblog?

I noticed this Blogger’s Disclaimer, and I’m stunned. How can you publish your thoughts and words to the most public forum possible, and then ask people not to read or comment on them? If you don’t want anyone to read…
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Creepy Computer

Twenty Questions: The neural-net on the Internet. What a creepy-good time waster!

The reluctant gardener

I can admit it now: I don’t want to garden. I have impeccable gardening credentials. My mother was a master gardener and later a landscape designer who created beautiful gardens in West Africa, Asia and the tropics of Washington, DC….
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