Odds and Ends

What’s Missing from Your Website?

I came across a couple of nice items on the website of the Access Center for Independent Living in Dayton, Ohio: Myths about Disability Talking about Disability Then I noticed a blog link on these pages, but it didn’t seem…
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Best Old Lady Story Ever

Run, do not walk, to Chewing the Fat to read A New Meaning for OT. Please. Thank God there are still people out there with some respect for accuracy in speech.

Ninety Years of Coeducation

My alma mater, The College of William and Mary (or, as we used to call it in the heyday of the women’s movement, The College of Mary and Whatshisname), is celebrating 90 years of women students: Due to World War…
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Video Overload

Is this a generational thing? More and more content is being provided in video form, which annoys the hell out of me. My preferred knowledge acquisition modality (those college degrees had to be good for something!) is print. I want…
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Harriet McBryde Johnson

Harriet McBryde Johnson has died. Hers was a fabulous voice – a Southern voice, a woman’s voice, an advocate’s voice, a sensible voice – for the disabled. I’m trying to find the first thing I ever read by her –…
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