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Falling down

Got up this morning feeling pretty good. Didn’t use the shower chair. After my shower when I was wiping down the walls I tipped, smacked into the wall, fell down, hit my head. Great way to start the day. When…
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Cleaning house

What a week – we rented a 4 cubic yard dumpster from the city and filled it with junk. Many boxes of books went to the library, and many boxes of clothes went to Goodwill. The house is actually starting…
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On the market

Waiting to see about our offer. Now we have to put our house on the market – I’m going to take the rest of the week off work to help whip it into shape.

Making the offer

We think we’ve found a house we can modify – all the bedrooms are upstairs at present, but the former 2 car garage was converted to a family room, and that could probably be converted fairly easily to a ground…
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Earth to HR?

I had the most bizarre meeting this morning with upper management at work. Several months ago, I asked to have an automatic door opener installed on the exterior door of our building. I was so naive, I thought that if…
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Seven Layer Dip

An analysis of 7-layer dip in the context of the ISO OSI protocol stack #AND# A suggestion for Jennifer French’s party Keiko’s Tex-Mex 7-Layer Dip The trick to keeping the dip from being runny is to drain and (in some…
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