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Restaurant Accessibility

There are two good recent articles in the Washington Post about restaurant accessibility. In the first, food critic Tom Sietsema pledges to start including accessibility information in his reviews: Never mind what’s on the menu. A number of readers have…
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Responsible Travel screenshot

Responsible (and Accessible) Travel

I came across a mention of Responsible Travel in an article in the Washington Post about avoiding overtourism, and checked out their website. It was an actual, physical shock to click on the Holiday Types link and see “Accessible” front…
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Accessible Pour Tous

Oh, now we’re talking! Paris bus driver hailed a hero for kicking off ALL passengers after they refused to make room for wheelchair user A French driver has been praised for kicking every single passenger off his bus after they…
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Ikea, Disability, and 3D Printers

Oh, I like this! Ikea is making furniture better for people with disabilities — with the help of 3D printers The team reviewed Ikea’s inventory and pinpointed more than 130 pieces of furniture and household items that are already suited…
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Afghan hopefuls for Paralympic gold

Check out today’s article in The Guardian about the Afghani women’s wheelchair basketball team: Fighting a ‘double curse’: Afghan hopefuls for Paralympic gold. Nilofar Bayat played her first game of wheelchair basketball in an open court in the middle of…
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