In Memory of Scott

In a few weeks, I’m going to Alaska to cruise Glacier Bay on the Sea Wolf. My friend and mentor Scott Rains reported on this cruise in 2008. Scott, who died two years ago, was an untiring apostle of disability travel and tourism. He spread the gospel in every corner of the earth, so Alaska on a small expedition ship was right up his alley. When I find myself getting nervous about accessibility in unknown parts, I imagine Scott telling me to chill out and not worry, that everything will work out.

The Sea WolfThe idea of an Alaska cruise came up around here a little while ago, but a traditional cruise—a floating city that overwhelms every port it docks at— really didn’t appeal. Thank goodness for Scott’s guidance! The Sea Wolf is a 12 passenger expedition ship that has been refitted for accessibility. This trip will be six days in Glacier Bay, kayaking, following wildlife and learning about the area.

Here are a few of the video clips from Scott’s trip in 2008. I’ll be reporting on my trip soon.


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