Behind the Diagnosis

I generally try to avoid obsessing about doctors, medical visits and hospital stays (both on the blog and in real life!), because life is so much more than just a diagnosis. Daphne Xiao is a medical student, soon to be resident in internal medicine, and artist who feels the same way. Concerned about the detachment she sees in medical practice, she has created an art project to help other medical students, doctors, and everybody, really, see past the one line description of a patient’s condition and see the whole person.

I am pleased to be one of her subjects,and I’m excited to learn more about the other people featured in her piece who are more than just their diagnoses. Please check out Behind the Diagnosis.


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  1. Stephen Harris

    Thanks for the link. My daughter lives with a heart transplant, and early on in the journey, we discovered that she was struggling not to become “The Heart Transplant Girl.” While I can’t avoid being, “That Guy In The Wheelchair,” I struggle not to become “The Guy With MS.” I just like being “That Guy,” or, better, “That Guy with the Nice Smile.”


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