Dunedin (the first time)

We started our New Zealand trip in Dunedin, where we are so lucky to have friends! Dunedin is a university town surrounding beautiful Otago Harbour. Geologically, it’s centered on the remnants of a volcano crater and is surrounded by hills. Being able to stay in someone’s house in a new country is also a joy— you get a much better idea of daily life, including our friend Hilary’s tasty pavlova. We enjoyed two days of friend-guided tours in Dunedin and the environs.

We started at Signal Hill, which afforded us a view of the city and the harbor. Bronze statues “History” and “The Thread of Life” flank a monument to the 1940 New Zealand Centennial.

A busy outdoor day continued with fish and chips (from the Chinese chippy!) in the truck for lunch, followed by visits to the Botanic Gardens, Mount Cargill, and Karitane Point. Access was generally quite good. The following day we did some car touring of the Otago Penninsula, and visited the beaches of St. Kilda and St. Clair, and the Southern Cemetery.

Frank and Hilary made sure that we were well-provisioned for our trip through the Catlins.


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