Scientifically, this is mostly virgin ground. The cohort of people 85 and older ? the fastest-growing segment of the population, as it happens ? is increasingly being studied for longevity clues. But so far the focus has mostly been on their lives: the foods they eat, the air they breathe, the social networks they maintain and, in a few recently published studies, their genomes. Data on the long-term effects of exercise is only just starting to trickle in, as the children of the fitness revolution of the ?70s grow old.

Full article: The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian

Olga Kotelko

Patrik Giardino for The New York Times

Parts of this article really resonated with me, especially this: “‘We have in masters track “hard” records and “soft” records,’ says Ken Stone, editor of ? the main news source of the growing masters athletic circuit. ‘Soft records are like low-hanging fruit,’ where there are so few competitors, you?re immortalized just for showing up.” Should I get an award for being the only competitor in my class, as is so likely to be the case?


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