Packing List for Taiwan

Briggs & Riley Travel Tote

Trying to get my ultralight packing mojo back – my trip to DC involved all sorts of heavy items like denim (jacket, jeans) and boots. This list includes both what went into my bag and what I will wear on the plane. Total weight of my bag, packed, is 18 lbs.

The basic strategy is 2 bottoms, 6 tops, 2 3rd layers, all mix and match, all layer-able (if by some bizarre happenstance it winds up being 60 degrees in Taipei, I can just put on 3-4 layers and still be comfortable), all washable. Colors are mostly black, with teal, blue and green tops, and scarves that go with those colors.

Briggs & Riley Deluxe Travel Tote, 10.5×16.5×11.5 inches, for a total capacity of 1992 cubic inches
Advantage Deluxe Down Under Bag, 11.0×7.0x3.0, or another 231 cubic inches – this is my everyday bag
Baggallini zip out backpack, which will travel in the B&R tote

1 black knit blazer
1 black 3/4 sleeve crocheted cardigan
2 acetate/poly tank tops (green, teal)
2 silk 3/4 sleeve button up shirts (green, black)
2 lightweight cotton long sleeve crew neck tee shirts (green, blue)
1 pair black knit pants
1 black knit pencil skirt
1 pair black knee-high compression socks (for the plane – Taipei is subtropical, and I don’t plan to wear socks in general)
5 pairs microfiber panties
2 bras (1 regular, 1 sports bra)
1 set lightweight silk long johns (for use as pjs in the hotel, and for our return when it will probably be a lot colder than it is now)
1 swimsuit
1 black rain shell (alas, rain is forecast for almost every day of our trip – I am in the market for a chic, colorful rain jacket that packs well)
5 silk or poly scarves
1 teal pashmina
1 pair black pumps
1 pair black athletic shoes
2 pairs of bike gloves
1 pair of slipper-socks

2 sets of hex wrenches for the wheelchair
3 sizes of some other kind of bigger wrench (that I don’t know the proper name for) for the wheelchair
2 tubes
1 patch kit
2 tire levers
1 hand pump
1.5 oz Tri-Flow dry axle lube
1 tiny LED flashlight
1 down pillow, squashed into submission with 4 pack straps
1 travel clothesline
2 small s-biners
4-5 safety pins, different sizes
4-5 rubber bands
1 travel sewing kit
zip-lock bags in various sizes (quart, gallon, 2.5 gallon – good for washing clothes in)

1 travel size toothpaste
1 toothbrush
1 packet dental floss
1 round hairbrush
1 comb
1.5 oz shampoo
1.5 oz moisturizer
1.5 oz DEET
1 oz antiseptic hand cleaner
2 oz sunscreen
1 small antiperspirant (I need to find one of those crystal thingies)
1 nail clipper
1 emery board
1 pair of tweezers
1 small lint roller
Blistex lip balm
sunglasses, case, cleaning cloth

1 guidebook
1 paperback novel
printouts of air itinerary, hotel, diagram of Terminal 2 at TPE, shuttle reservations
1 pen
1 small (3×5-ish) notepad
1 Samsung netbook
netbook charger
1 rented Taiwan-based cellphone
cellphone charger
1 digital camera (contains SD card)
1 extra camera battery
1 credit card
1 debit card
1 health insurance card



  1. chekoala

    hope it’s all typhoon-proof!

  2. Karen

    I could take a lesson from the way you pack. I overpack to go to beach!

  3. MizB

    Several mainstream brands of deodorant are now offering crystal in a regular-type dispenser. I’ve also seen the crystals themselves a few rows down in the personal grooming supplies.

    They don’t make you stop perspiring, just make it odorless (also useful for feet).

  4. Kevin

    Was it hard to move all of this stuff around? Seems like quite the list of things to bring.

  5. Katja (Post author)

    Hi, Kevin!

    No, not at all – the total weight was 8kg, the carry on limit for, for example, Lufthansa.


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