Rocks in the Stream

Someone’s been busy in Boulder Creek near the library:

Stacks of rocks in Boulder Creek

I especially like the flat rock stacked vertically, point down:

Stacked rocks in Boulder Creek

I’ve learned that the artist is Michael Grab. Thank you, Michael, for spreading this beauty around for everyone to enjoy.



  1. Kellie

    Tres cool! (I can’t help wondering if glue was involved…)

  2. Jennifer Fitz

    Hey – I know people who like to do that!

  3. Beth

    art in nature….nice

  4. Katja

    I keep forgetting to go and check if they’re still there.

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  6. Michael Grab

    I googled “creek rocks” and found your post. i recognize it because i built this garden :) glad you like it….! if you like, have a look at my website..many many more to look at :)

  7. Katja (Post author)

    That’s super, Michael! Thanks for leaving a note so that I can check out more of your work.


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