The Original Racing Wheelchair

Hall Racing WheelchairZiggi at Wheelchair Diffusion writes about the original racing wheelchair:

At the beginning and for many years racing wheelchairs were nothing more than a street wheelchair modified by athletes who spent as much time with a welding torch and wrench in their hands as they did with their hands on the push-rims.
Full article: Peek at the Past Racing Wheelchair

I’ve seen a couple of Halls everyday chairs and handcycles, and they are things of beauty.



  1. Ralph

    I went to a wheelchair race once, and was amazed at the racers there – three wheels and I believe titanium (lighter than steel, stronger than aluminum) tubing. It did seem so easy to watch, but I hadn’t considered the design trial-and-error that brought the styles to the efficient racers we see today…
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  2. Katja

    Hi, Ralph, welcome and thanks for your comment! All the current racing wheelchair manufacturers use aluminum, but the racers are amazingly light. I thank my lucky stars that if I had to be disabled, I got to do it now, rather than even 20 or 30 years ago – the technology and equipment have come so far. Now if the price would do the same…

  3. adult walker

    Great article- looking at that we can see how times have moved on and technology has improved.

  4. handison

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