Infant Returned to Blind Parents

Via Haddayr. I, too, am speechless. When will this sort of thing stop?

“I needed help as a new parent, but not as a blind parent,” Johnson said.

She recalled the social worker saying: “‘Look, because you guys are blind, I don?t feel like you can adequately take care of her.’ And she left.”

The day of Johnson’s discharge, another social worker delivered the news to the couple that Mikaela was not going home with them. The parents returned the next day to visit Mikaela before she left the hospital, but they were barred from holding her.

Full article: Infant is returned to blind couple after state places her in protective custody



  1. Wheelchair Bling

    Good heavens, that’s atrocious! It took two months for them to find out that blind people can raise children? And I thought the nurses were there to teach new mothers how to breastfeed, not to take their babies away…

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