Graduation and Reunion

Abigail's graduationThoughts from a parent and alumna on attending my daughter’s graduation from William & Mary:

  1. So hot and humid! After 16 years in the Rocky Mountain west, I can’t understand how people can live there…
  2. …but the heat and humidity are really great for the plants! After 16 years in the Rocky Mountain west, I’m always surprised at how lush and green everything is back east.
  3. William & Mary is really pretty darn inaccessible for wheelchair users. My unscientific guess is that less than 30% of sidewalks have curbcuts – this includes sidewalks surrounding brand new construction. William & Mary Hall and environs are particularly bad.
  4. The choir is really, really good, and no doubt under-appreciated.
  5. For some strange reason, I recognize nothing in Ewell Hall (blue walls?), which is a little disconcerting, since I spent about half my life there as an undergraduate.

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  1. fridawrites

    What a nice family you are! Congratulations to your daughter.

    It is kind of horrifying how colleges and unis aren’t more accessible–that’s not unusual, though unfortunate.


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