I’m frustrated with the racing chair. It’s hard to get in and stay in the right position. It’s hard to do the stroke right, staying in contact with the rim long enough, flexing the wrist, keeping the elbows up during recovery.

It’s hard to steer – the chair is really designed to go straight. It’s hard to stop since the only brake is on the 20″ front wheel, with no weight on it.

I feel lumbering, clumsy, inefficient. I’m annoyed with myself for not picking this up better, faster.

Wheelchair Racing Stroke – Side View at Half Speed from Fast Cow on Vimeo.



  1. debe

    Well it sounds like you have found something to beat yourself up about. Stop.

  2. fridawrites

    Holding your arms at that angle behind you is difficult for anyone, even the most able-bodied-athletic. I am admiring you for giving this a go and want to give some of the hand-pedaled bikes a try when I can (there’s a wheelchair sports group near me).

    1. Katja (Post author)

      Definitely try out handcycling! It’s fun – not as technical as this.

  3. fridawrites

    P.S.–my favorite headline recentlY: “Women Guilty of Feeling Too Guilty”

  4. stephen

    good on ya for making the effort. you look great in the video (is that you?)
    .-= Latest from stephen: bad blogger =-.

  5. Katja (Post author)

    Nope, not me, although I do wear a bandanna (but always with a helmet, oh yes!). I’m guessing it’s some young gung-ho college student.


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