Disabled ‘apartheid’ to end

Australian FlagShops, hotels and offices will soon be forced to widen corridors, install ramps and renovate toilets under new rules to improve access for the elderly, families with prams and people with disabilities.

The federal government will announce minimum access requirements today for public buildings built or renovated from May 1 next year. For the first time, there will be uniform building rules across Australia to end the isolation felt by as many as 4 million people who cannot properly use public facilities.

Full article: Disabled ‘apartheid’ to end


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  1. che koala

    Yeah, while it’s a great start, the first paragraph is somewhat misleading. Retro-fits are not being ‘forced’ on any buildings. Only for new buildings.

    The legislation also got watered down quite a bit – disabililty groups were calling for small dwellings and blocks of apartments to have to comply: at least for things like stepin showers and width of doorways to be regulated on. Not sure if that got through.

    Builders make a lot more money out of a retrofit than they do out of including these things that make everyone’s life easier in the first place. The building association was one of the ones to drag its feet most on this!

    And lots of shortsighted moaning from rabble rousers like Andrew Bolt in the media that he doesn’t have ‘disabled people’ in his home (!) so why should he have to comply?

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