Inclusive Fitness Equipment

access fitness equipmentThanks to Wheelie Catholic for this.

The Access Inclusive Fitness Equipment is up for a James Dyson award. Be sure to check out the video – it’s both slickly designed and well promoted.

And until it actually comes to market, how do you get hold of the bar on the lat machine? I seriously need to machine


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  1. Ethen Hunt

    In responce to the article, the idea of inclusive fitness equipment is not a new one, as the worlds leading fitness suppliers in collaboration with an organisation in the UK called the Inclusive Fitness Initaitive have been designing accessible fitness equipment for over 7 years. There are many products that have been modified & developed to help meet the needs of disabled people in the gym environment.

    With regards to the question above, there are many fitness suppliers that can offer an accessible lat-pulldown machine with a bar lowering mechanism and an upper body multistations like the design above.

    please visit this website for more details:


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