Silica and the Inventor of the Electron Microscope

Other people with chronic illnesses report that they are frequently accosted by people who press weird cures on them. This doesn’t seem to happen to me very often (maybe I scare them away), but it did the other day.

A kind of hippie-ish guy fell in with me as I was crossing the street. He was friendly. He told me about how he had hurt his knee, and they said he would never walk again, but he healed himself naturally in six months! “That’s great,” I said.

Then he wondered if I was paralyzed. “I have MS,” I said. So he wondered if I was getting bee stings. “No,” I said. He thought I ought to know about a new supplement, something with silicon or silica (he didn’t seem quite sure) that was invented by the guy who invented the electron microscope, in France. He was pretty sure that there’s a hospital in Mexico that administers it. His friend did it, but he had heart disease, not MS. On this strange note we parted.

As far as I could tell, he was genuinely trying to be helpful, which counts for something.


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