Video Overload

Is this a generational thing? More and more content is being provided in video form, which annoys the hell out of me. My preferred knowledge acquisition modality (those college degrees had to be good for something!) is print. I want to skim information in order to see if it’s interesting enough to go back and read thoroughly. I want to be able to pop back a couple of paragraphs in order to re-read something that I may not have understood thoroughly the first time. Print is random access, video is … not.

Things I would have clicked on and read if they had been print but weren’t, so I didn’t:

Just about everything on explaining .tel domains
Review of the Gimp project
Living with Multiple Sclerosis – Cognitive Issues

Do videos if you like, but can you at least provide a transcript for those of us who are capable of absorbing information faster than the speed of speech?


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