Rabby Followup

Following up on Hauled off the Plane, LapLap, a regular FlyerTalk poster, has gotten a response from the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department concerning its regulations regarding blind passengers:

Here are the responses from

“Thank you for your email. The Civil Aviation Department has issued a Flight Operations Notice to all local operators in April 2008 reminding them to take necessary steps to facilitate persons with disabilities. Persons with disability should NOT be refused air transport on the grounds of their disability or lack of mobility, except ONLY for reasons which are justified on the grounds of safety.

Passengers with reduced mobility shall be seated where they will not obstruct emergency exits, impede the crew in their duties, obstruct access to emergency equipment or hinder aircraft evacuation. ”

When I made further enquiries about the aisle seat rule I got this response:

“We have not issued any other guidelines on the seating arrangement for the blind passengers. The guidelines given in the Flight Operations Notice (04/2008) do not prohibit blind passengers from taking up aisle seats.

Public Relations Officer
Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department”

Scott Rains has also posted a followup on Rolling Rains containing letters from Mr. Rabby:

Mr. President, within the past three months China has staged what are generally regarded as the most impressive Olympic and Paralympic games ever. While the whole world was watching you showed us the best China has to offer. However, the two experiences I have related to you lead me to wonder if China’s Olympic and Paralympic face was only its public face, and if there lurks, behind that public face, a hidden reality which, at least for the blind and disabled, tells a different story far less wholesome and far less welcoming.

Thank you, LapLap and Scott.


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