Christiane Visits Number 10 Downing Street

Christiane Link describes her visit to Number 10 Downing Street in Durch die Teeküche zu Gordon Brown (Through the tea-kitchen to Gordon Brown).

(My translation)

In front of Number 10 the security people came out and laid two ramps at the entrance, and in a moment I was in the building – but not in the room, not yet.

We surrendered our cell phones, and then a worker accompanied me to an elevator. This ancient building actually had a rusty elevator. It was minute, but I just fit. On the first floor we found ourselves in a narrow hallway with thick carpets, valuable decorations and a thoroughly British design. And we stood in front of five steps. But there was a stairlift.

An employee apologized that I now would have to go through the kitchen. We weren’t going to go in at the front of the meeting-room, but from the back. In the tiny kitchen there were many helping hands cleaning up, after perhaps having just served tea.

I came into the room without even one step, and perhaps I’d seen more of Number 10 than most.

She adds, though, that there is a petition asking “the Prime Minister to remove the stepped approach to 10 Downing Street to create equal access for disabled people.”


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    Главное – уверенность в себе, поэтому у Вас впереди, по моему мнению, огромные перспективы! :)


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