Stupid access tricks

We went to see our lawyer today. Apparently the landlord of his building decided to make the building accessible.

They built a nice ramp up the curb:

Then they built a nice ramp from the sidewalk to the building doors:

Then they found out that an elevator inside the building was going to cost $60,000, so here’s what you get once you’re inside the door:

Game over!

It might have been slightly more cost-effective to check on the elevator cost first.



  1. Peter Tan

    We experience the same kind of nonsense here in Malaysia.

  2. Blake

    Wow. I have never seen this kind of stuff before. Is that enough to be in compliance with the law?

  3. Katja

    In this particular case, the owner didn’t need to do anything to be compliant. Buildings built before the ADA (pre-1990) do not need to be retrofitted to provide access, unless the building is being “altered” (repairs do not count as alterations). This building was built in 1972.

    Additionally, two story buildings with less than 3,000 square feet of per story do not need an elevator or other vertical access unless they are shopping malls or the office of a health care provider. I don’t actually know what the square footage of this building is, but it’s only two stories (neither of which is accessible) and it’s not very large.

  4. Kay Olson

    That is a lovely ramp, though.

  5. Daughter

    I agree with Peter – what utter stuff and nonsense.


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