Why it takes so long to plan a trip

Last time it was Hawaii, this time it’s Italy.

The hotel claims 2 accessible rooms.

My inquiry:

Please send me information on your rooms that are suitable for the disabled:

Room number?
Rate in late October, 2008?
Steps at hotel entrance?
How many?
How high?
Width of entrance door?
Width of elevator door?
Length of elevator?
Width of room door?
Distance between bed and wall?
Height of bed?
Width of bathroom door?
Roll in shower?
Grab bars?
Shower stool?
Handheld shower?

Please add any other information that may be helpful.
Thank you.

Their reply:

Dear Madame,
we could have for the requested period 2 double rooms with private bath-room, all suitable for disabled people.
Everything, the hotel entrance, the elevator, the access to the breakfast room, showers inside the bath-room and distances between the bed and the wall are specific for wheelchair users.
When You’ll know the exactly arrival and departure dates, we’ll be glad to send You a special offer regarding these two double rooms.

Waiting for your kindly request, we remain with our best regards.
Alessio – Reception

Sigh. Needless to say, there will be several more weeks of back and forth.



  1. Daughter

    Oh Mama, good luck.

  2. Blake

    Yep, that’s the way it is. I like your list. I’ve never thought about inquiring with a list. Last time I traveled, I was just hoping to get lucky with their “it’s all accessible” promise.

    Enjoying your blog. Nice WordPress theme.

  3. Katja (Post author)

    Thank you! Welcome to the blogosphere. I love your blog’s tagline – I’ve done the getting to the elevator fast thing: Huntington Beach.


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