username: FAUST

Harvard local offers “Faust” as disabled woman:

Working with Denver’s handicapped theater company PHAMALy changed Charlie Miller’s life from the day he first volunteered in 2003. Assisting special-needs actor Aaron Rendoff backstage. Helping blind thesp Don Mauck apply his makeup.

Now Miller, 22, wants to use those PHAMALy-informed experiences to change the American theater.

Miller, a 2004 Colorado Academy grad, is now a senior at Harvard, where on April 9 he will debut “username: FAUST,” his multimedia variation on the infamous soul-selling legend, only this time focusing on people with disabilities ranging from blindness to bipolar disorder.

username: FAUST



  1. Ableize - Disabled Support

    The arts is getting very big in the disability field, i recently came across a deaf theatre group called ‘Signdance’ basically does what the name sez but it totally amazed me and i’m not usually an arty person.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    Hrmmm … that has a lot of potential!

  3. Patricia Tryon

    Wow. Wish I weren’t going to be out of town.


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