Sorting People into Bins

Airport to try tailored security
TSA lane symbols

Federal aviation officials this week plan to start a test program at Denver International Airport’s north terminal checkpoint steering “expert” travelers—those who travel frequently and with little luggage—to a screening line marked by a black diamond sign.

Following the ski-slope theme, “casual” travelers with multiple carry-on bags will be encouraged to use the special screening line with the blue sign, and families, groups and those with special needs should consider the more leisurely screening line designated by a green sign.

Ah, which stereotype shall I go for – expert traveler or special needs?



  1. wheelchairdancer

    They have a similar system at SFO. I flew 120,000 miles last year with UNITED. That qualifies me for their 1K elite level. And a bunch of first class upgrades.

    So, when I show up with a first class ticket and a briefcase (I don’t take luggage to SFO), I always try for the elite line. But I am NEVER allowed to stand in the elite line. Nothing, not displaying my membership card, my first class ticket, not arguing will persuade the ID and ticket checking people to let me stand there. NOTHING.

    So, there we are. It’s a hard line to walk. We shouldn’t be sorting people in these ways. But since we are, I would like access to the privileges to which I am entitled.

    (see also my posts about accessible bathrooms in the United Red Carpet lounge).



  2. mdmhvonpa

    I hope to be rated a Triple Black Diamond.

  3. Katja (Post author)

    It’s so airport dependent. I’m a United elite as well, but even before I had status, I was frequently herded into the elite line at DEN.

    But you’re saying exactly what I am – I want the privileges as well, and I can whip out my laptop and my hex wrenches as fast as anyone else.

    Where are your posts about the RCC? I searched your blog…

  4. Penny

    No classification for people who are experts at traveling with children? Well dang, I wasted the last 12 years training for that.

  5. stephen

    interesting idea. not sure about the execution. at least they didn’t set up a category for “cripples.”

  6. Chris

    Hi! I want a catergory all to myself! With my peggy peg to contend with I really feel the need …for a peg shaped catergory!!!! Hope that will be possible ..or shall I put the idea in the bin?!!


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