I just did my first ever actual real race, a 5K sponsored by my company. I came in at around 37 minutes (I’ll post the real time when I get it). It’s really hard to figure out if that’s any good or not. I used my regular chair.

Edited to add more:

Wheelchair Dancer asked about training. I’ve been going out for long pushes (5 miles / 1 hour once or twice a week) for a good long time now (about a year?) – especially when it seemed I was in Albuquerque every other week, I had no family there and lots of nice flat paved track.

Seven weeks ago I started weight training, with very mixed results. I think I did it responsibly – four times a week, 2 days of chest and back, 2 days of arms and, well, arms. First week was only one set of each exercise, second week was two, third week and on three sets. It’s been exhausting. My husband (very athletic guy) can’t understand why I prefer to lift at night just before going to bed – it’s so that I can crawl into bed and die afterwards. The thought of trying to then get dressed and go to work was too much. He suggested I reduce the weights – it’s hard to to go lower than a 2.5 lb barbell. The book said I should no longer feel significant muscle soreness after the first month, but I guess the book doesn’t have MS, so what the hell does it know?

Anyway, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to do this 5K after a week of weightlifting. My husband suggested I work out Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (my normal schedule was Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/Thursday) so as to taper before the event. I didn’t lift at all. In fact, not only didn’t I lift, I barely went to work. I went to work on Monday, lasted an hour (long enough to recover from the drive) and went home to bed. I lasted about 3 hours on Tuesday. I didn’t go at all on Friday. I joked with a co-worker that I was glad my boss wasn’t running, because I didn’t know how I was going to explain 22 hours of sick leave followed by doing a 5K.

During the event, I managed to catch my thumb on my side guard once and bend it backwards, so it hurts. My wrists and hands are little sore. I’ve got a pain in the front (deltoid?) of my right shoulder. None of it is too serious, I don’t think. I took some ibuprofen.

So I did the race, and darn it, I’m still an overweight, middle-aged cripple! I guess I’ll have to do another one.



  1. WheelchairDancer

    Go Katja!

    Yeeehah! Did you train? Are you sore? Tell us more!



  2. mdmhvonpa

    You finished … that’s usually good enough!

  3. Daughter


    Did you ever know that you’re my hero? And everything I would like to be? … You’re amazing – own that soreness.



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