Getting Old’s a Bitch

I’m getting out of the car at the grocery store. An elderly lady, leaning on her shopping cart on her way to her car, stops to watch me put the wheelchair together. “Isn’t that amazing?” she says.

“Yup,” I say.

She tells me about her spinal stenosis. And her bad balance. And how she hates to use the walker, but has to lean on the shopping cart.

“Getting old’s a bitch,” I say.

She thinks this is really funny.



  1. misscripchick

    i get this alllllll the time.

  2. mdmhvonpa

    Heh … it is sorta funny actually. I use ‘sucks’ instead but I do not get the same rave reviews.

  3. Sarah


  4. Jeff K

    wait until you you try and run 200m then squat thrust 115lbs 7x repeat over and over five times against a pile of 20 somethings when you are 50. That’s a bitch.


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