Stand-by, just like a regular person!

I had an exciting experience this week at ABQ (why yes, I do lead an otherwise a boring life …).

After a long, difficult 2 week business trip I was scheduled to take the United 7:06 flight from ABQ to DEN. I had slept very little the previous 2 days, and wound up at the airport very early.

I was sitting between gates A2 (the 6:25 ABQ-DEN flight) and A3 (the 7:06) at 6:05 when a colleague came up to me and said, “Hey, aren’t you on our flight? It’s boarding!” “No, I’m on the next one,” I said.

“I bet there’s room – come on, let’s go see.” I started to explain about the wheelchair and the aisle chair, but he was so enthusiastic that I went over to the podium to see if there was any room. Oh, and I need an aisle chair. Oh, and I checked a bag.

“No problem!” the gate agent says. She puts me in 3D, she retrieves my bag, there’s already an aisle chair at the bottom of the jetway, we board, and off we go. She puts my young, enthusiastic colleague (not a frequent flyer) in 3F. He’s agog about the leg room :-).

It made me feel really good, like I have the same travel options everybody else does.



  1. Mouse

    Darling, you are nothing like a regualar person. You are a spectacular person! The post just below this one says it all. I am glad that you had an enjoyable flight after a difficult 2 weeks.

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  3. wheelchairdancer

    Welcome back …. back to your normal, house, life, and schedule?

  4. Katja (Post author)

    Nope – four more trips to Albuquerque between now and June. Then I’ll go back to my normal…

  5. Kim & Sophie

    Wow! That’s great! As a wheelchair user who travels quite often it’s great how everything worked out so easily!


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