New Jersey Citizen Action

Is anyone familiar with a lawsuit that NJ Citizen Action has filed against NJ Transit?

An able-bodied acquaintance of mine has recently had her eyes opened to the poor state of access in public transit. She is interested both in learnnig more and in helping improve things. Since she is specifically interested in how NJ Transit complies with the ADA, I directed her to NJ Citizen Action.

Here is her account of a telephone call with that organization:

In addition, I called NJ Citizen Action and spoke with a manager over there. He said that currently they have filed a law suit involving NJ Transit but he would not go into it with me. I can understand that. He asked me if I were handicapped and I told her that I was not. He told me not to waste his time because he will only speak to those suffering from handicaps. Then he hung up on me.

I’m obviously distressed by this and am interested in comments from anyone familiar with the organization and the NJ Transit situation.



  1. Wheeled Traveler

    I’ve done a bit of traveling on NJ Transit and while I haven’t had the same train problems (I think I’ve only ever had a problem finding a conductor when boarding/debarking once and the guy was incredibly apologetic as he’d forgotten), I did once have 2 busses in a row (I believe they counted as NJ transit busses even though they were operated by an outside company) not even slow down for me one day. I ended up with the personal cell number of the guy in charge of accessibility (and I think he was in charge of operations or something like it, as well) for the private company involved. I’ve not had a problem since. That said, I seem to all-around be very lucky in my transit usage compared to the other disabled people I know.

  2. Ismith

    I can’t decide which is worse, that the manager referred to those ‘suffering’ from handicaps, or that he refused to talk to someone who wasn’t disabled – how the hell are we supposed to get the message out that this sort of thing is unacceptable?


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