A compliment

Yesterday we went to see our lawyer about updating our wills. Our lawyer used to be a neighbor, but I haven’t seen him in four or five years, and he apparently hadn’t gotten the wheelchair memo.

He came out of his office, looked at me in a sort of puzzled way, and said, “Is that Katja? You’re half the person you used to be!” Then after another couple seconds, he asked, “And why are you in a wheelchair?”

It was nice that he saw the person first, not the chair, and to be reminded that even though I might feel fat now, in fact I’m pretty damn skinny, relatively speaking.



  1. mdmhvonpa

    Flattery will get a man very far in life! :) You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.

  2. Katja (Post author)

    But the really great part was that he just blurted it out – you could tell he did not actually think first. :-)


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