Lotta things going on

Since I’ve been gone, working 12 hour days, no weekends off, no internet access except at the hotel at 2 in the morning:

Christiane has mastered haranguing the train people in England
Dorothea has gotten a new job
Erik is relapsing (feel better soon, Erik!)
Patricia has moved to Typepad (looks nice!)
Stephen has started his new job
Lady Bracknell has acquired new appliances (not that kind!)
Goldfish is moving
Gimpy Mumpy is hanging up her blogging hat (break my heart, why don’t you?)
Ernest had a dental crisis
Peter’s road to vehicular independence has some bumpy turns
Hershon got her new chair, and it’s a beauty

Last, but very much not least, Orbital Express is now encapsulated and on the launch vehicle.


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