The Re-Education of Michael Graves

John Hockenberry interviews Michael Graves:

When I visit Graves again one steamy morning last summer, he is confined to his bed due to a prolonged bedsore, under strict medical orders to heal it by staying down and out of his wheelchair, so he insists that we speak in his room. A number of chairs are set up for his designers to join what will be a long meandering conversation about design, disability, and one of Graves’s favorite subjects: America’s obsession with originality for its own sake and transitory fashion over beauty. The man whose sparkling eyes greet me from the large hospital bed, I discover, is much younger than me. After all, in wheelchair years Graves is 27 my junior, and it shows.

The Re-Education of Michael Graves


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  1. darrenh

    Very interesting piece. Thanks for posting it.


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