Monthly Archive: November 2006

Judge Says Currency Shortchanges the Blind

From the Washington Post: Judge Says Currency Shortchanges the Blind: A federal judge said yesterday that by keeping all U.S. currency the same size and texture, the government has denied blind people meaningful access to money. … Government attorneys argued…
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The Re-Education of Michael Graves

John Hockenberry interviews Michael Graves: When I visit Graves again one steamy morning last summer, he is confined to his bed due to a prolonged bedsore, under strict medical orders to heal it by staying down and out of his…
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“The Wheelchair” and “The Uniform”

Christiane is in the process of moving to London, so she’s racking up lots of airtime. Here’s a translation of her post “Der Rollstuhl” und “die Uniform”: Today at the gate in Hamburg. Employee behind the counter to the contract…
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Universal Design versus Visitability

Ruth (Wheelie Catholic) has got some discussion going about Universal Design and Visitability. Universal Design is based on the idea that products and environments should be designed in a way to make them usable by as many people as possible…
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Airport and rental car tips

We had family visit for Thanksgiving, including my mother-in-law, who uses a walker after several hip fractures. Her airport adventures with her daughters and their luggage prompt me to jot down a few thoughts. Even if you don’t drive, if…
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Al Masters, where are you? CripRevolution seems to have disappeared.