Tschüss, Rolli-Moden?

I heard a rumour on CareCure that Rolli-Moden‘s US operations are closing down. Rolli-Moden is a German company that makes fairly stylish adaptive clothing for wheelchair users. At the time of this writing, their website has a note saying it’s been closed down due to high volume of orders, so perhaps it’s true.



  1. Margie Hume

    Now that Rolli moden has closed, where can i find similar clothing?

  2. Katja (Post author)

    Over at CareCure, they’re talking about USA Jeans. There are some more links in The Well-Dressed Wheeler, but I’m not sure how good any of them are.

  3. Patricia Watson

    I have just read your query about where to find wheelchair clothes. We are officially launching our new website before the end of this week (20.4.07) and you may find something there to suit. We are not a fashion company, as we cannot compete with the High Street for fashion garments, but we supply well-designed, good quality basics such as trousers, skirts, waterproofs etc – a pair of our denims looks no different when worn from a pair of designer denims – and let the customer buy their high fashion jackets and tops in their favourite stores. If we were to try to produce a high fashion range it would become a uniform, so we prefer to help customers get comfortable basics and still be individual and fashionable.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Patricia Watson


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