Monthly Archive: August 2006

Welcome to India

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 2006 Christiane in India

Christiane has kindly allowed me to translate her blog entries about her recent trip to India. Willkommen in India (Original German text) Welcome to India Okay, I’ve arrived. I’m in my hotel room and don’t know when I’ll be able…
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The Right Wheelchair

Thanks to Zach for linking to this. Medicare believes that wheelchairs are needed for use In The Home Only. Do you?


I haven’t been keeping up with all the good stuff out there recently. Here’s an article from the LA Times about landscape architects learning to think about access: Stopping at a recently built third-story bridge between two buildings, O’Brien pointed…
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Christiane in India/Blogging meme

Christiane is writing some terrific dispatches from her India trip (in German) – if you read German, definitely check them out! She has also tagged me with a meme. Warum bloggst Du?/Why do you blog? Probably first and foremost as…
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