Monthly Archive: August 2006

How about auto-moderate?

The barrage of uncaught spam comments appears to have stopped. S commented on the previous entry that she wouldn’t want to shut off any attempt to strike up a conversation, so I went hunting for something less draconian. I’m giving…
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Auto-close comments

Here’s a WordPress plugin that closes comments on all posts older than 21 days: Auto-Close Comments. It runs a query and update against the database when any one of the following occur: A post is published (but not saved as…
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Comment Moderation

Due to a sudden influx of spam not being caught by Akismet, I’ve (temporarily, I hope) enabled moderation for all comments. As always, I’m pleased when anyone (who isn’t selling penis enlargement) cares to comment.

Visitability, the personal side

Being a wheelchair user certainly cramps your style when it comes to getting into other people’s houses. My boss has a monthly after-work gathering for his immediate staff; it rotates between 6 or 7 people’s houses. I’m tired of getting…
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Return trip

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series 2006 Christiane in India

Christiane has kindly allowed me to translate her blog entries about her recent trip to India. Der Rückflug (Original German text) Return trip Before leaving, we tried to find out what additional security restrictions were in place due to the…
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