Is Opera on the way out?

I really love the Opera browser, and would hate to give it up. But stuff is starting to not work – Airset’s CSS doesn’t render properly, and hides vast quantities of information. Fastmail has redesigned some of its pages, and they’re not being styled right either. I’d rather see an open field of browsers rather than having Firefox grab the entire non-IE market.



  1. Chia

    Just wanted to say ‘hi’ from a very warm Netherlands ;)
    So … HI !!!

  2. Fritz

    I still check my site with Opera when I make major changes. Accessibility is one of my interests and Opera renders things at Cyclelicious more-or-less how I want, but Opera does have its annoying usability quirks.

    That said, about 60% of my visitors use Internet Exploder, 30% use Firefox, 8% use Safari, and Opera falls within the 1300 or so browsers that fit in the 2% under “Other.”


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