Spiffing the place up a little

It was time to update the place a little. My webhost, DreamHost, provides a spiffy install/upgrade utility for WordPress, but it’s no good if you installed WordPress yourself back in the Dark Ages.

I had been upgrading manually, but was a couple of revs behind. My old theme, based on Sub:Lemon, was written for WP 1.5 and was rapidly getting antique. An Opera upgrade resulted in my header graphic randomly crawling up the page and disappearing.

So I took a deep breath, backed up the database, backed up my subdirectory, then wiped it all out and let DreamHost reinstall WordPress. I had a few hairy moments trying to restore the database, but got past that, and all was good again.

I really didn’t want a new look, but I didn’t want to retool my theme either, so I’m using plaintxtBlog by Scott, dressed up with my regular graphics. I’m still playing with the sidebars.

I welcome any comments, especially about stuff that’s broken.


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  1. Mouse

    Katja, I don’t know anything about that technical stuff, but I do like the look. When the line of text is longer/wider like this, it is much easier to read your posts.


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