Monthly Archive: July 2006

German travel resources

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I’m planning a trip to Germany in September – here are a few helpful websites I’ve come across recently: ÖPNV-Info: Mobilitätsportal für behinderte Reisende (German) Deutsche Bahn – Mobility for the Disabled: Services for mobility-impaired customers. (English) Hotel Reservation Service…
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Is Opera on the way out?

I really love the Opera browser, and would hate to give it up. But stuff is starting to not work – Airset’s CSS doesn’t render properly, and hides vast quantities of information. Fastmail has redesigned some of its pages, and…
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Alas, poor English

English is going to hell in a handbasket, hastened to its destination by military and quasi-military law enforcement-speak. An actual quote from FBI Assistant Director Mark J. Mershon, courtesy of today’s news (I am not making this up): They were…
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Wrap Rage

So obvious, once it’s pointed out: Wrap Rage. I bought an electric toothbrush the other day; spent at least 15 minutes trying to get it out of its packaging and my hands hurt for the rest of the day.

Spiffing the place up a little

It was time to update the place a little. My webhost, DreamHost, provides a spiffy install/upgrade utility for WordPress, but it’s no good if you installed WordPress yourself back in the Dark Ages. I had been upgrading manually, but was…
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