Accessible Landscape Design

I’m currently obsessing about creating an accessible landscape design for our property. Found so far:

Fun and Leisure: Home Enabling Garden, from NCPAD
ACCESSIBLE GARDENING: Bring Mother Earth Within Reach, from MDA

I’m trying to find resources which avoid tokenism: rather than “here’s how to build a table-top garden”, or “horticulture as therapy”, I want access to the ENTIRE thing. Let me know what you’ve done.



  1. Gimpy Mumpy

    I really should have read the books and articles listed before my attempts to garden this spring!

    I wrote a bit about my experience in the post “Gardening Woes”:
    We then had floods that damaged much of the young plants but it was early enough to reseed (but very exhausting!). So far I love my new garden, which has raised beds, but I advise that you find good knee/leg pads to protect legs & knees unless you will be gardening exclusively from a chair. I found that *lots* of planning was helpful too!
    Good luck with your gardening!! :)

  2. Joel Gottlieb

    My love for gardening has not been tempered by MS. The landscaping continues.

    I design with paths — zen paths in particular, to borrow scenery, and reveal the beauty of place in the moment.

    My most helpful tool is an electric Mantis tiller — my power walker– which I use for landscape contouring and digging holes which other help in filling with plants.

    sending good chi ro you and your landscaping.

  3. Jeanette

    I have been building our garden this past year and have found raised beds, planters and pots work well for me. I even have vegatables growing in pots. I’ve got tomatoes that should be ripe soon if the weather in the Pac. NW holds up.

    I’m interested in any sites that you may have come across in looking for accessible landscape information. I too have limitations and have family and friends with mobility aids such as walkers and chairs. I use a service animal for balance and other functions.

    I’ve started work with voc rehab and have come to the decision to start looking into becoming a landscape designer who specializes in accessible gardens. Any thoughts or information you may have would be most welcomed. I look forward to reading Gimpy’s blog.

    Wishing you warm, not hot, weather and soft rains to feed your gardens and your soul.

  4. Katja

    Hi, Jeanette! I have to confess I haven’t gotten much further forward on this in the last (eek!) three years. We did replace a strip of plantings between the house and the sidewalk with a raised brick planter (about 24 inches high) which has been a pleasure to work in.

  5. aerogrow gardener

    Hi Katja…

    It is nice to build a garden. It is the expression of heart. Even part of our soul. We love beauty and wanna show that in our garden. So, the garden is such an image of the beauty in our soul.
    Landscaping is good point to start. I hope you’ll find some ideas from links below:
    About Landscape Edging:
    Here’s Landscape design:

  6. Accessible Gardening

    Cool, I’ve just started gardening from my wheelchair using raised beds.

    Regards, Simon :-)

  7. Katja (Post author)

    Simon, hi! I saw your new page about gardening and am looking forward to the forum discussions. Your setup looks beautiful.


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