Monthly Archive: May 2006

Virgin Blue responds

Virgin Blue defends wheelchair policy: Virgin Blue chief executive Brett Godfrey said the airline was not implementing a new policy for disabled passengers. But he reaffirmed the airline’s policy that passengers unable to fit themselves with an oxygen mask or…
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More on Virgin Blue

Airline to wheelchair users: pay a carer Paralympics medalist Paul Munnari, who has propelled himself thousands of kilometres, said airline staff had told him he would have to be accompanied by a carer. The airline’s spokeswoman, Heather Jeffery, last night…
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Accessible Landscape Design

I’m currently obsessing about creating an accessible landscape design for our property. Found so far: Fun and Leisure: Home Enabling Garden, from NCPAD ACCESSIBLE GARDENING: Bring Mother Earth Within Reach, from MDA I’m trying to find resources which avoid tokenism:…
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Don’t try to evade me

Check out Wheelchair Dancer’s Sidewalk Etiquette Tips for Walkies. Numbers 2 & 3 are my favorites. Seriously, moms, do you think I’m not going to miss your wandering child? This isn’t pedestrian pinball.

More hotels

Christiane is also posting about hotel accessibility: How Accessible is our Hotel? I travel a great deal, and so I’ve been to a lot of hotels, all over the world. I know that “accessible hotel room” doesn’t necessarily mean accessible…
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Virgin Blue staff will not push wheelchairs

Virgin stands by wheelchair decision Virgin Blue is defending its new policy on wheelchair passengers, saying it is necessary to protect airline staff from injuries. From June 1, Virgin Blue staff will not be allowed to push wheelchairs, leaving passengers…
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